About Us

Hello, Welcome to Its MOMME! 

My name is Selena I’m the creator and founder of Its MomMe. Its MomMe stands for Mom and Me. My son name is Dante he helped me whip up this idea and plays a big part of Its MomMe. I wanted to create a shop that revolves around Moms and children matching. The goal is to provide the majority of our shirts with unisex styles. I had my fair share of shopping online or in stores and the girl section overpowered the boy section. Being a mother of a young growing toddler boy I found it difficult to match without having to travel to many stores. So I decided to create Its MomMe with the initial goal to make it a one stop shop for unisex T-shirts for parents and children. In the future, Its MomMe will expand its selection beyond T-shirts into Jeans, Skirts, Shorts..etc as well as providing a variety of products for the whole family. If you have any suggestions or questions about our products of what you’ll like to see or know please feel free to click the contact us page.
Thank you for stopping by Its MomMe enjoy!